Mueller Time

Mueller Time Drink

Judging from his rage, Trump is tweeting like a rat in a cage. The Arpaio Pardon, signalling Trump’s willingness to issue unjustified pardons to get his buddies out of trouble, was not enough to deter Robert Swan “Bob” Mueller III. “Bobby Three-Sticks” was director of the FBI from 2001 – 2013, appointed by George W. Bush…

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The Me, Myself and Virgin Islands Cocktail

Me Myself and I

The U. S. Virgin Islands is a magical place with cool breezes, super-extra white sandy beaches and ten hot submissive virgins for every presidential tourist. But the most magical of all the magical things about the Virgin Islands is that the ocean so calm and so clear that you can see almost see your own…

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The Rocket Man

The Rocket Man Cocktail

In a shocking turn of events, math isn’t the President’s strong suit. Donnie apparently thinks Kim Jong-un has been negotiating with the US for 25 years. What the rest of us didn’t know was that apparently Kim Jong-un has been controlling North Korea’s nuclear arsenal since the ripe young age of 10. The “Fake News”…

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