Cocktails for Survival The End of an Error

Before melting back into the fields from whence he came, like a politically astute Frosty with a drinking problem, Drunk Publius offers the Republic one last book; raising a glass to the defeat and departure of Donald J. Trump.

This is the complete collection of volumes 1 and 2 of "Cocktails for Survival" along with some new drinks for good measure. One hundred ninety full-color pages that is fun for drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

Rather than buttons or a pipe, Drunk Publius was created from the tears of Madison, the dulcet tones of Hamilton, something coughed up by John Jay during an illness, and a generous helping of alcohol. His mission of numbing Americans to the impact of their own idiocy is complete for the time being. "I'll be back again some day," he warned, before disappearing. (Somehow it was more reassuring when Frosty said it.) There will be time enough to fear his return. For now, we can enjoy some Trump humor, a little political satire, and a drink or seventeen.

Cocktails for Survival:
Not as trump as you drink I am

If you woke up in shock after the election to discover the fresh hell that a demagogue who preys on racial, ethnic and religious hostilities was elected President of the United States, you aren’t alone.

Cocktails for Survival:
Surviving the Trumpocalypse

The Trump Presidency has driven us to drink. Misery loves company, so we wrote a second cocktail book to smooth the rough edges of a government out of control.