Cocktails for Survival II

Surviving the Trumpocalypse

Remember when you woke up after the 2016 election in a state of shock and despair? Drunk Publius heard you, and he worked to make 2017 a better place by providing you with cocktails and laughs. Not all heroes wear capes. You're welcome.

The laughs were great, but the hits kept coming. Day after day, new material was being delivered. Someone had to answer the call. Being a hero isn't easy.

Cocktails for Survival II: Surviving the Trumpocalypse will be on Amazon in time for the holidays. Some are saying it's even funnier than the first book. A work of beauty. The best.

To be honest, Drunk Publius hopes this is the last book he has to write because he's pretty hungover  and “the hair of the dog that bit you” is not a healthy, long-term hangover remedy.

With the release of this new book, you might be asking yourself, "Is volume 1 still relevant?" Sadly, yes it is. Make sure you have the complete set, it's sure to be a collectors item one day.

Cocktails for Survival II

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Cocktails for Survival

Cocktails for Survival

Not as trump as you drink I am

Do you need help surviving the Trump presidency? We can help ease the pain, with a few cocktails and a few laughs.

If you woke up in shock after the election to discover the fresh hell that a demagogue who preys on racial, ethnic and religious hostilities was elected President of the United States, you aren’t alone.

If this isn’t a reason to drink, we don’t know what is.

Invite a few friends over, have a Trumped-Up cocktail party and commiserate about the state of the nation. It is going to take a little humor and a lot of alcohol to get us all through the next few years.

We're going to make drinking great again!