Celebrities won’t play the inauguration. Sad!

There will be a lot more circumstance and a lot less pomp with the 2017 election, because no A-list celebrities are willing to play. I assume Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are in the line up, but I haven’t heard if Chachi Scott Baio will be there yet. Is Billy Bush available? I hear he could use a job. Maybe he could sing the National Anthem.

If you ask Trump though, it’s not that every celebrity is declining to participate! He didn’t want them anyway. Obviously a man of such tremendous reality TV prowess wouldn’t need celebrities to make his inauguration great.

Trump is going to make inaugurations great again all on his own. Qualified performers need not apply.

I mean, sure, we all enjoy the vocal stylings of Beyoncé but in a pinch, I think Ivanka could pull it off with panache.

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