Who knew the National Parks would be the face of the resistance?

After inauguration, I knew there would be protests, fights, and resistance to this president. What I did not see coming was that park rangers would be leading the cause. But in the face of the unimaginable, a new and beautiful thing has arisen. And it’s the Alt National Park Twitter accounts.

For anyone in a cave that isn’t a part of the National Park System, a gag order was placed on NPS, telling them not to tweet about science or “facts.” So they went rogue, creating unauthorized Twitter accounts to tweet their non-alternative facts. And it is a thing of beauty.

Here’s a list of all the rogue Twitter accounts you should be following. Twitter might be worth it for these accounts alone.

We recommend you whip up a batch of The Climate Denier to drink while you weep over what’s left of our National Parks.

The Climate Denier

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