McConnell jokes about Court blockage

McConnell's abrupt change of position on Supreme Court nominations will leave you so disoriented you will feel like you have been drinking. Mitch McConnell’s abrupt change of position on blocking Supreme Court nominations will leave you so disoriented, you’ll feel like you’ve been drinking. Not twenty-four hours after the expiration of Merrick Garland’s nomination, Senator McConnell, who blocked Garland for 293 days, has declared that the American People (™) simply will not tolerate Democratic obstruction of President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination. McConnell was not, apparently, telling a joke. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are we not surprised by this abrupt and shameless reversal, we have a drink for it. When serving our “Supreme Court” cocktail, we recommend that you “do a shot every time the Senators who blocked Merrick Garland sanctimoniously declare that a president’s nominee deserves an ‘up or down vote.’” Cocktails for Survival at p. 73.

McConnell has not (yet) used the phrase ‘up or down vote,’” but it’s probably just a matter of time. Might as well go ahead and do a shot now. McConnell blocked the nomination of a President who won the popular vote for almost a year. Now, he is claiming that the nominee of a man who came in behind the front runner by almost than 3 million votes is going to inspire the “American People” to object.

McConnell has shown the Democrats the way. Block a Supreme Court nominee, and the American People will reward you for it.

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