Ohio hates women!

You are going to need a strong drink for this one! The Ohio legislature passed a bill that bans abortion before a woman even knows she’s pregnant! Sorry all you people with ectopic pregnancies! Hope you like to die… because Ohio thinks that if you’d just not let blastocysts implant in your fallopian tubes you wouldn’t have this problem. Learn to control your children, ladies. (I say ladies, because men aren’t ever involved in the creation of babies. Right? We don’t need to punish them.)

Anyway, the governor of Ohio, a seemingly reasonable Republican compared to our new PEOTUS and VPEOTUS, even vetoed this bill. (I think Mike Pence just had an aneurysm.)

This kind of bill makes me need a drink. Pairings from the book include The Late Term or The Supreme Court. Both strong enough to keep you thoroughly sedated through your next unwanted pregnancy. Or just go with straight whiskey by the gallon. That’ll work too.


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