The SOTU Drinking Game

Tonight is the State of the Union address, given out by our 45th esteemed President, Donald J. Trump. Drunk Publius aims to become Drunker Publius for the festivities.

Grab a copy of either volume of Cocktails for Survival (volume 1 or volume 2) and choose your favorite drink. Make a pitcher. Or three.

Take a drink for each of the following:

  • Trump says that something he has done has been the greatest.
  • He talks about how smart he is.
  • He talks about how there is no collusion.
  • Drink twice if he says the phrase “Witch Hunt.”
  • Disparages Obama.
  • Do a shot every time he references “The Wall.” (We suggest you do a shot of The Wall – page 28 of Volume 1, or if you need something strong, a shot of The Fucking Wall, page 22 of Volume 2.)
  • Mentions Obamacare imploding.
  • Mocks anyone for anything.
  • Mentions Putin in an admiring way.
  • Disparages Mueller.
  • Claims he drained the swamp.
  • Talks about a minority as if they cause all the country’s problems
  • Name drops a celebrity name
  • Blames the Democrats for getting nothing done
  • Claims no president has ever done more
  • References the size of any of his body parts

The first person to pass out* wins.

* We don’t recommend you actually drink until you pass out. This is a joke. But we understand in the new era that satire will no longer be understood and our attorney wanted us to clarify. 

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