The ACA Replacement

Did you hear the good news? Republicans have revealed their replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Designed almost exclusively to help the rich maintain and increase their wealth while screwing over the poor, sick and elderly.

“Sorry, Aunt Lettie, I know you need your dementia meds, but here’s a voucher for some Tylenol instead. Have a great ACA day!”

We can all take comfort in knowing that if she’d made wiser choices, like choosing not to get old, she wouldn’t be living in the gutter today.

The ACA Replacement

The ACA ReplacementIngredients:

  • air
  • money
  • iPhone

Take your wallet, find the richest person you know, and give them all your money. Fill an empty glass with air. Drink. If it doesn’t satisfy your thirst, remind yourself that you chose an iPhone instead of water, so you don’t deserve a drink.

When finished with your glass of air, write a letter to Paul Ryan thanking him for helping you learn to get sick and die with integrity.

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