The Kavanaugh

The KavanaughIf we were inclined to be brutally honest, this drink would be called the Rapey McDrinksalot and would be nothing but quaaludes and grain alcohol followed by gang rape and a job promotion. But, as honesty is not a requirement for a lifetime job as a Supreme Court Justice, we suppose it’s not required of jokey drink book authors. So, let’s just say that, like the Renate Alumnus club, this drink is clumsily intended to show our affection for Justice* Bart O’Kavanaugh. Perhaps he can enjoy one as he plays a game of Devil’s Triangle with Tobin and Squi.

Pour the vodka into a glass with ice and mix it with beer, because you like beer. Put your hand over the mouth of the glass and shake it. Turn the music up loud so no one can hear. We recommend UB40. Strain the drink into a glass. Throw the ice at a townie. Question people about where they like to ejaculate, yell about Clinton conspiracies, kick back, and enjoy.

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