We want your videos!

Friends, Drunk Publius is hard at work on Cocktails for Survival, Volume 2. With this wealth of material, we have a great start and plan to release the book before Thanksgiving, so you can shop for the holidays for gifts for all your friends, family, and frenemies.

In the meantime, we're going to run a little contest. We want to see videos of our fans making drinks from the book. Create a video of you, your friends, or your dog making drinks. Commentary is a bonus. You can submit a URL on the form below, or just share the video on our Facebook wall or Twitter feed. Please use the hashtag #Cocktails4Survival. We're accepting videos until September 15th!

We'll pick our five favorite videos, share them with our fans, and you'll each receive a free pre-release copy of volume 2!

  • We promise not to share your email, but we'll need to contact you if you win.

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