The Dark and Stormy

A president, a porn star. Nothing surprises us here in the alternative universe we live in where Trump was elected president. Also, in this alternative universe, our president is as obsessed with watching television as he is with tweeting and boinking porn stars. For tonight’s entertainment beverage, we give you a porn star worthy drink…

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Martini Monday

Hey, Everybody! It’s Martini Monday with Cocktails for Survival! We thought we’d take a few minutes to highlight a few of the deliciously funny martinis we conjured up for your next Trumped-Up Cocktail Party! Here’s the lineup: The 400-lb Hacker Who else but Donald Trump could roll both fat-shaming and hacking into one big lie?…

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No, you’re the puppet

puppet for putin

Did you ever get the feeling there is a giant hand stuck way up inside Donald Trump’s extra-large asshole? Like maybe, Trump’s evil twin’s hand is up there? His Russian evil twin. And that Donnie actually enjoys having a giant Russian hand up his ass? Yeah, me too. And it makes me need a drink.…

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